Sunday, September 5, 2010

Choose to Perceive A Good World

This cool video tracks air travel traffic over a 24-hour period. While there are regions, like North America and Europe, that are particularly crisscrossed with flights, the overall impression; this is a very bus planet.
 Watching this miracle gives me good feeling. Man wouldn’t be able to build a transportation system like this without the help of God. There is a good chance that all of these flights reached their destinations without anyone getting hurt. That’s because God is holding us in his loving hands.
 There are too many people who mold negative perceptions of life from the vulgar images they see on the ten o’clock news. They would be better off if they would set in silence and watch something like this inspiring video before going to bed. It’s a testimony to the fact that good prevails over evil.
 The only way it’s possible for us to move about the earth so freely is through global cooperation. This fact alone is enough to prove to me that there is a strong thread of decency and trust that links all of humanity.
 Yep. If we could go to bed every night and wake every morning visualizing our world from a great distance –as from God’s loving eyes – then our problems would seem pretty small.
 Don’t ‘cha thank?

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