Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Royal Deer Hound

We spent last week in Ruidoso. It was hard to pull ourselves away from the cool weather and return to the heat here in Arlington. Oh well, I guess “home is where the bills are”.
While we were away I noticed that Walter has developed into quite a deer hound. At first he barked at the deer and made them run back into the woods. After a little coaching and direction, he learned to be very still and to alert me to the presence of our big eared neighbors from the thickets.
I think that I may have to include Wally as an assistant in my plans for this fall. At the cabin in Ruidoso I can sit on the porch with Walter and read a book while he keeps watch on the woods. If I hear a quiet growl, low enough as to not spook a deer, all I have to do is follow Walter’s line of sight and there’s a deer. I then quietly make a “Shush” sound and Wally becomes silent. The deer then go about their business while we watch. Walter has even ventured to within about 15 feet from his new friends.

Another lesson that my canine buddy learned on this trip was the“Thirty Foot Rule”. Thirty feet is plenty close to a doe when she's nursing her fawns. Approaching the babies causes the mother to become aggressive and my little friend returns to my side.

Cool weather and deer season are near and I’ll be watching the critters down in Hamilton County. I am beginning to think that Walter may be a good hunting pal. We should be able to sit for hours in a stand if we take some snacks and a canteen of water. I can kick back and read or nap and Wally will let me know if any animals come near. Then I can get my camera or rifle ready; which ever is appropriate. I may not fire a shot this year but I will bag some more great memories.

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