Thursday, October 14, 2010

Refreshing Perspective

 I have often thought that New Zealand would be a great place to live so I started checking into the feasibility of an extended visit there. The facts that I uncovered have given me doubt that I can even qualify for a visa that will allow me to stay there more than 28 days.

 I guess the UN has overlooked New Zealand in their crusade to distribute wealth and make every country like the ones that are now considered “third world”. Or maybe the people of New Zealand have decided to exercise their rights as a sovereign state and pass laws that will not only preserve their quality of life but actually improve it. Take a look at this excerpt from a summary of that backward country’s immigration law:

 Parliament passed a new Immigration Act into law in 1987. This would end the preference for migrants from Britain, Europe or Northern America based on their race, and instead classify migrants on their skills, personal qualities, and potential contribution to New Zealand economy and society.

 Yes, it certainly appears that the folks under the Down Under actually think that they can make laws and not worry about what the rest of the world thinks.. Is that even legal?

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