Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Time to get Caught Up

 I haven’t made any entries since Debbie and I went to Montana, so it is time for me to get caught up. Mostly I have been getting reacquainted with Mexico and also visiting places rich in the history of the Apache Wars.
I think anyone who lived near a border town in their youth becomes has fond memories of trips to Mexico. The nostalgia drives some of us to go back.
 Everything changes with time, but Bill and I have been having fun going to Puerto Palomas. It is a small border town just south of Columbus, NM. In Palomas you can find most of the things you used to be able to find in Juarez.
 In May of 2017 I went to Bill’s house in La Mesa and the next day drove to Palomas and had lunch.

Going to Palomas we pass the beautiful Florida Mountains. 

Dragon Ridge is on the north end of the Florida Mountains.

There are plenty of the handy carts scattered around Palomas so everyone can join in on the street games.

Except for the occasional groups of drunken Gabachos, the border towns are very safe.

Despite being a murderous swine, Pancho Villa is still a folk hero in Mexico.
The next day he and I met Bill’s former boss, Al Burron, for lunch at a truck stop in El Paso. Al had ridden his Harley from his home in Houston. After lunch we headed for Douglas, Arizona. I rode with Bill in his truck and Al follow us on his Harley. 

Two drunk Indians.

On the way to Douglas we passed this old church.

After checking in to a motel in Douglas Al and Bill went across the border to Agua Prieta. I hung around Douglas because I had forgotten my passport. 
Cave Creek.
The next day we went for a drive to Tombstone. We also visited Portal, Arizona in the Chiracua Mountains. Portal is a tourist destination for bird watchers and hikers. 
Eastern Chiracaua Mountains.
At Portal.
Un hompre muy malo en Ciudad Thombstone.
Mas hombres malos.

They have street games in Tombstone too.

Bill getting ready to haul ass.
On the third day Al left us and rode to Alpine, TX for a night and then home to Houston the next day.
Bill and I headed north, across the Navajo Nation to Cañon de Chelly. If you ever get a chance to go there you should do it. However I would suggest you stay in the town of Chinle and not at the Thunderbird Lodge. The lodge isn’t bad, because they have Navajos employed it is dirty and has an uncomfortable atmosphere, México is much nicer.
Open pit mine at Morenci AZ.
A few pictures taken from the North Rim of Canyon de Chelly.


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