Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Year's Trip to the Keys

 Everything in the Florida Keys, even the smell of the air, is defined by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This string of comparatively tiny islands has endured nature’s fury for ages. Thanks to the equally resilient inhabitants the infrastructure remains much as it was four decades ago. There is a charm about the place what lures visitors from all over the globe.
 Though I have never been to Cuba, Key West is very close to what I expect it is like. The open air bars and shops; the free ranging chickens on the streets and stray dogs wandering in and out of restaurants looking for handouts make it clear there’s no room for snobs. The whole island is reserved for good food and friendly people.
This year there was a lot of rain and lightening so I didn’t get many pictures, but there are a few posted below. Thanks for looking.

Key deer fawns and their bird buddy.

Check out the sand crap in the center of the photo. He's trying to hide.

Two birds waiting for hand outs at Islamorada.

This is a good picture of Bill at a place called The Blue Hole.
Here's a good picture of the spy blimp stationed at Cudjoe Key.

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