Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rocky Mountain Marshmallows

 Aug 15 through Aug 24 I was camping in the Southern Rockies with my good friend Jimmie White. We spent most of that time in the cool mountain air of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. We saw some beautiful country and had a lot of fun.

Jimmie just sat around and made me do all the hard stuff.
 We took Jimmie's utility trailer so we had all the gear we needed for camping. Then when we want to clean up we stopped at a motel.
 We had no schedule and no time limit so we were truly able to just wander around and explore.This was one of the most relaxing trips I've taken in years.

Me, trying to cope with the stress of the noisy San Juan River.
 The most unusual place we stayed was in Throckmorton, TX. Here is a  review.
 Oddly enough, the most vivid memory I have of the nine day rambling trip is shown in the photograph below. I don’t know where he got it, but Jimmie brought along the biggest marshmallows I’ve ever seen!
Huge Marshmallow Roast Near Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado

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