Monday, May 3, 2010

Interest Piqued too Soon on New Firearms

Interest Piqued too Soon on New Firearms

I just thought that I would pass on a little bit of info about a new model of pistol and its availability. A friend got a new Guns and Ammo magazine that features a new .380 caliber pistol. It is the Sig-Sauer 238. The magazine shows the same gun in about a dozen different configurations. The colors, weights, metallurgy, and furniture (grips and accessories like rails for lasers etc.) vary from model to model. My friend is all hot to get his paws on one and is serious about making a purchase.

The same sort of manufacturing deficiencies appear to be happening that occurred with the .327 Federal. Academy, Cabela’s, and online distributors don’t have any. They can only get a couple each week because the big distributors can’t get any from the manufacturers.

This method of marketing is the opposite of any sales techniques I’ve ever read about. All the hype has the dealers and consumers buzzing with anticipation but there is no product to sale. I have always thought that the idea was to strike while the iron is hot. The way they drag it out, half the people who want to buy one now, will have cooled off before they can make a purchase.

Another friend felt the same way about the .327 Federal when he read about it. He was ready to shell out for it just a few months ago but now the desire to buy is gone. Oh well, a lot of things don’t make sense to me but some things seem down right stupid.

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  1. I have often heard of this problem with Ruger, though we did get an early LCR.