Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Save a Tree; Hug a Grizzly

I have taken a good look at the dilemma discussed in the previous post and find little merit in the motives either side. I am careful here to use the word “motive” rather than the word “reasoning.”

The propaganda being dealt by both sides is meant to be perceived as reasoning in order to achieve Public support. The ploy being exhibited here is similar to a speech by a politician. They say what ever they need to say to get the power/money they need to implement their own agenda.

The conservation groups have spent over $300,000.00 per wolf and are happy to report that, due to number of cattle that have been killed, it appears that government officials will allow the wolves to survive until November 1, 2009. Their delight in this report leads me to believe that these people are actually dedicated to helping the rest of the people in the world learn to think like themselves. The wolf is just a pawn in their political game.

Another conclusion I have arrived at is that the people who are screaming about the hazards of being in the same county with a Mexican wolf are also playing a game. Their goal is to discourage visitors, especially their liberal opponents, from venturing into wolf country because it is also their country. The people who live in these remote areas aren’t especially sociable and care little about political correctness. As a matter of fact they live in these areas to avoid a lot of people in general.

My answer to both sides is fairly simple. The Mexican gray wolf and the grizzly bear were extirpated from the Gila at about the same time for the same reasons. So, the only fair thing to do is to reintroduce the grizzlies as well. If the conservationists sincerely want to restore nature and retard civilization then maybe they would like to hug some smelly, ill mannered bears instead of trees. By the same token, the people of Catron County wouldn’t have to worry about the wolves bothering their kids and pets because the bears would eat the wolves and anything else that bothered them.

What do you think?


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