Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dog and Pony Show

Many Americans have developed a thirst, like never before, for genuine knowledge and the truth. Unfortunately the light of reality has been bent by the prism of recorded history. The truths have been divided and color coded so that they can easily be taken from context, by those claiming to be scholars, then projected in the way that best meets their agendas.In the fantasy world of academia, young people are indoctrinated by being required to learn from text books written by the professors who teach the classes. In this manner liberal fanatics are allowed to represent their own personal agendas to students as pertinent facts that need to be learned in order to pass the classes.The fruits of our traditional strengths are rotting from the inside out making the disease more difficult detect and identify. If the cart of hard won American strengths were being overturned openly then the perpetrators could be easily identified but the values and beliefs of our young people are being perverted by the mass media and the teachers in our universities. These are two institutions that have made almost untouchable by virtue of their own power.Who is at the heart of this ruse? Is there some group that is determined to confuse us and weaken our core values?
The guiltiest of these wolves in lambs’ clothing are the educators charged with the responsibility of teaching our children the laws of nature through the sciences and the wisdom of the past through history. If the so called knowledge being developed is built on an ever shifting foundation flawed with un-truths then the building blocks of our future are sure to be fractured.. If the realization that hard work and sacrifices are required to attain greatness is being replaced by the cancerous myth of entitlement then all of the fundamentals of productivity are being violated and we will destroy ourselves.The cultures of needy groups grown in the protection of our military strength have already begun to fight among themselves over the spoils of what has been amassed in the past. On nearly a weekly basis, our economy and society are being patched by one type of flimsy bandage or another. Ever one of these bogus fixes has done nothing but distribute billions of dollars among rich executives as unemployment continues to rise and the tax base continues to diminish compounding the real problems.This absurd behavior is being promoted by the people with the highest levels of education and the least understanding of how sacrifice and hard work made this country great. We need to find out who is behind this fiasco that has reigned over our land during the past months, whether it is the Bilderbergs, Skull and Bones or whoever, and put them out of power. The tide needs to be turned back in the direction of rational action as soon as possible. If the cause of the chaos can’t be determined quickly then the symptoms need to be treated. Specifically, we need to contact the congress people that
represent us and let them know that they will be replaced soon. That is the way political change has been affected in the past. Hopefuly the hordes of voters that were groomed in the four year marathon campaign will be stunned by the "change" they have brought about and stay in their own area of expertise and away from the polls.

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