Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Mountains

Very early in my life “the mountains” became a near magical term that evoked visions of freedom, solitude and the magnificence of nature. I always looked forward to going to the wonderful mountains. During difficult times, when the anxieties of urban life begin to close in on me, I need only to find a quiet moment to conjure up one or more of these pleasant memories and I am able to view my life from a different perspective and remember life doesn’t have to be nerve-racking. I begin to slow down and think more clearly with the knowledge that escape is possible and I am never really trapped in this urban madness where I, for some reason, make my home.

In the mountains one is removed from the confusing society which has evolved in big cities. Our minds are allowed to settle into a slower pace as we tend to the activities which are basic to our simplest needs.  Physical activity in cleaner thinner air allows us to be free  in a life style that of the image we have of ourselves in a relatively new era of human beings.

Any place you can go and be away from the din of automobiles, sirens, televisions and the sound of people's voices can be you place for meditation and clear thought.

 I prefer the Desert Mountains that straddle the continental divide from the interior of Mexico, past the Yellowstone River, through Montana and into Canada. There are snow capped peaks that I am able to identify more than a hundred miles away when the clear crisp air allows better visibility than most people can imagine. God is closest to me up around the timberline. He and I can converse in our own special way where the air is clean and pure.

I have visited other mountains in the East and though they are beautiful and green, they just don’t have the spiritual appeal to me that the mountains in the west have.

God is omnipresent and I can speak to him from any where in the world but I he created the Southern Rockies in New Mexico to be our own special meeting place. So there is where I long to be. Yes, there in the place where the mule deer and the diamond make their homes.

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